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A Tale of Wellness

Soleil Physical Therapy & Wellness Inc. is a private practice committed to providing safe and effective treatment in the Quincy, Massachusetts, area. Our health clinic treats women's health issues, as well as patients with sports injuries.

Soleil Physical Therapy & Wellness is not a traditional physical therapy clinic. While a lot of therapists and therapy programs focus on an immediate area, we prefer to look at the body as a complete system. We believe and understand that an injury or illness can affect more than one area - our approach is more encompassing and comprehensive.

Long before opening in 1998 we recognized the need for a more inclusive and comprehensive physical therapy clinic. That is why we joined forces and why we do what we do. Everyone at Soleil Physical Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to personal health and helping others. It is our commitment that allows us an outstanding reputation and keeps medical practitioners and patients coming to us for assistance.

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Serving the Local Population

Our owner lived in a foreign country and understands that it can be difficult to find health care or find treatment where one feels comfortable. With a goal to remove this stigma around health care, our owner set out to open a clinic that incorporates employees fluent in Chinese to better address the needs of the local Asian population in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Patients Come First

At Soleil Physical Therapy & Wellness Inc., we pride ourselves on our service-oriented offerings. We are not a corporation or a business where getting paid comes ahead of patients and their care.

A Multilingual Staff

We welcome clients with diverse backgrounds. Please feel free to contact us to see if we speak your language, so we can accommodate your service needs. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. Our multilingual health care providers speak:

• Cantonese • Toisanese • Vietnamese
• Mandarin • Spanish • Turkish
Patient Public Room

Transportation Service

Since patients are our number-one priority, we do everything we can to help them maintain their appointments. We use our own company car to provide transportation for patients that have difficulty getting to our office. Through this service, we pick up patients from their homes, treat them at our location, and then take them back to their homes.

Insurance and Payment Plans

We accept many types of insurance plans. For our long-term patients, we also will work out payment plans.